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Research and campaigns

North Yorkshire Citizens Advice and Law Centre seeks to use our influence and experience to identify and address problems affecting local people.

Our research

We collect evidence of the problems people seek advice on and use this to campaign for changes in policies and services. We have a key role in speaking up for people in our community, raising issues reported to us, contributing to public debate and informing legislation.

The evidence we gain by helping people is used to tell policy makers and service providers about the impact of policies and advocate for change.

We regularly lobby MPs, councillors, the local authority and others. We work with local and regional media to raise awareness of issues and promote our campaigning activities.

Our policy work focuses on:

  • addressing poverty
  • challenging discrimination
  • getting a fair deal for all
  • improving service delivery
  • securing access to justice and advice

If you know of an issue where you think North Yorkshire Citizens Advice and Law Centre should be taking action, or if you’re interested in volunteering to assist with our research and campaigns work, please get in touch.

We are independent and impartial so policymakers listen to us.

National campaigning

Every local Citizens Advice office shares information about the problems they are seeing locally with National Citizens Advice. Evidence can then be collated from the whole network to identify national trends. Citizens Advice can then present strong evidence to policy makers by writing reports and submissions and participating in consultations and making recommendations.

Local campaigning

North Yorkshire Citizens Advice and Law Centre use client evidence to lobby MPs, councillors, the local authority and others, as well as presenting our findings in the media and taking part in awareness raising activities.

Recent campaign topics include:

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